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Buy My Book

July 7, 2012

The United States has just announced that starting this year July 22nd will for now on be known as National Buy a Book Day. America has done so in an effort to encourage not just young people, but everyone to read more. To honor this yearly holiday major cable providers have agreed to only play re-runs of Christian Bale’s new reality TV show “I am a Robot” in an effort to make American’s shut their television’s off. Book stores all over the country will be offering discounts on all books for this one day only and avid readers will have an opportunity to stock up on all the books they always wanted but couldn’t afford.

As the head of the literature department here at GuerillaDeSwine Productions I can safely say on behalf of our entire company we applaud our fine country’s decision to honor reading. We have supported the bill endorsing National Buy a Book Day since the first day it was introduced to Congress. It has been a long time coming as is anything with the government, but for once it looks like somebody somewhere finally got something right.

To help celebrate National Buy a Book Day we have decided to release Love Life, which is the long awaited second novel by yours truly, on Friday the 13th of July, 2012. That Friday copies of Love Life will be available on and on Kindle as well. It will be an honor to have my novel released when not only reading books, but more importantly, buying books is a nationally imposed policy. We have decided to release Love Life right before National Buy A Book Day not just for me, but for the Nation. Many people have inquired when my second novel would be released and we believe giving the people the book they want will help draw readers out to help celebrate National Buy a Book Day.

Love Life is the story of Hunter Jack whose name will soon be tattooed on my left arm. Hunter Jack comes from money and tragedy. Due to heartbreak early in his life he has become obsessed with his own death. A social outcast, Hunter struggles through high school and college. His self-inflicted solitude inspires him to become an aspiring author. Repeated rejection of his words drives him to the brink of fulfilling his suicidal destiny. These desperate thoughts end when the lovely Karenelise moves in next door. Hunter falls for her and discovers that life might have more than heartbreak to offer. When Karenelise’s dangerous past catches up to her, Hunter is thrust into a violent fight to protect the only reason he has left to continue living.

There will be a book release/signing party for Love Life the night of National Buy a Book day. It stands to be the keynote event on a day loaded with action packed literary activities. It will be the first time Love Life will be available for purchase directly from me, the author. We will be hosting the Love Life book signing/release party at Churchill’s Pub and Grille in San Marcos, CA. Churchill’s is widely known throughout the country as being the best craft beer bar in the entire world so releasing my second novel there is an honor.  I would like to personally thank publican Ivan Derezin for supporting our nation’s dedication to reading. There will be specials on draft beer, appetizers and well drinks so bring a thirst not just for literature but for booze and food as well.

In addition to being able to purchase copies of my new book Love Life at the book release/signing party; I will also have very limited copies of the Author’s Cut of First Light, my first novel. It is a special edition that includes the audio book read by the internationally known bartender and penalty kick goaltender Tony Dowson. This is the only time this edition of First Light will be available until I order more copies from the publisher. If you buy a copy of either book or even bring copies of either book with you to the signing/release party at Churchill’s Pub and Grille I will sign them all for free. If you want to bring books written by other author’s I will sign those as well for a dollar a letter. At some point during the release/signing party of Love Life we will have a group reading session to honor National Buy a Book Day.

On Sunday July 22nd, the first annual National Buy a Book day Americans everywhere will be encouraged to get out to book stores and start buying all the books they always wished they had. Everyone is then encouraged to end this National day for literary hijinks at Churchill’s Pub and Grille where Churchill’s and GuerillaDeSwine Productions will be co- hosting the Love Life book signing/release party at 4 pm. It promises to be a wonderful day of celebration, but what is most important to remember is that America wants you to buy more books, beginning with Love Life, by Jonathan Avella.

Greed Monster

December 4, 2011

Urban Meyer just signed a six year contract worth 24 million dollars to teach college students how to play football. Perhaps that might be an oversimplification of his job title but at the end of the day isn’t that what he is doing? In addition to receiving such a healthy income, if he wins Meyer will become the most powerful person on the Ohio State campus. That’s how it works. If your University is a major player in either college football or basketball that’s what you do when you find a winning coach. Why? Winning brings money and at the end of the day that’s all these schools care about. Money makes the NCAA go around. They will claim that they do things to protect the reputation of the school, but truly they don’t care. Money is more tangible, it’s more immediate. You can’t cash tradition or reputation in at the bank so those words no longer have any place in the world of major college athletics. To see the truth one must look no further then Penn State. There was no football coach who fit the profile of a powerful, almost god-like sports figure more than Joe Paterno. He was Penn State, the face of the university. In 2002 when Mike McQueary informed him that he witnessed long-time defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky abusing a young boy in the shower all Joe Paterno did was call his boss. Here’s the problem, Joe was the boss. There was no one more powerful on the campus of Penn State than Joe. When times were good I’m sure he used his power for whatever means he deemed necessary. However, in the face of a horrific crisis he relinquished his power and wanted to just be a football coach. It doesn’t work like that Joe. True leaders lead in good times and bad. To try to pass the buck off on your so-called bosses is a sick joke. Of course they covered it up. To admit that a pillar of Joe’s Penn State community was a monster would put a serious stop to the amount of money the Penn State football program would produce. God forbid those millions of dollars be lost over the well-being of a few young boys. Not only is anyone involved in this sick mess greedy and immoral, they are stupid. If they had done the right thing the money would have returned, eventually. The reputation of Penn State would have taken a hit but would have returned, eventually. Joe, well he would have been a bigger hero than ever. He would have been the savior of many innocent young boys and an advocate to stomp out sexual abuse. Instead he enabled that monster to continue doing evil. That seems to be the motto in major college sports these days. Money over evil.  As long as you win you can sin as freely as your heart desires.

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