With the fierceness only a true warrior possesses she stands

at the bottom of an uneven battlefield

climbing up

as her enemy comes charging down upon her.

The Enemy.

The enemy she has always had.

No matter the years

be them hers or ours.

Her enemy stands across from her

the same as it’s been

through the test of time.

Despite lifetimes of abuse at the hand of her constant enemy

she is still forced to fight

as the world she was born into

turns a blind eye to her enemies’ infinite transgressions.


Laws are made aiding her enemies abuse.

Excuses are made for her mistreatment.

Basic rights are taken from her.

How much control she has over her own body is decided by her enemies.


While boys will be boys’ girls are punished for their mistakes never to be forgiven.

She is told to fight back is futile.

She’s made to believe she’s not worth change.


Her enemy has power.

A power grown stronger than ever now

backed by a nation unwilling to recognize what it is she is fighting for.

A nation moving backwards

lead by the very worst kind of her enemy

one with a history of abuse so long

that only a nation full of her enemies would ever elect such swine.

A nation that is rooting for her to lose.

A nation that would rather see her sit down.

Fall in line.

Take her abuse with a please and thank you.

A nation unwilling to fight by her side.


While she may stand alone

she fights for many.

She fights for those that are too old to overcome a lifetime of abuse.

She fights for those too young so that their future may be less abusive then hers.

She fights for those too abused to know that they should be fighting too.

She fights with a ferocity her enemy has never seen.


Silent disapproval of her abuse at the hand of her enemy makes you the enemy.

I vow to no longer be the enemy.

Those of you who don’t follow her with me

will become our enemy

not just hers.

The days of her having to fight alone are over.

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